Benefits of Using a Beauty Device

Beauty devices offer an exciting new way to boost the efficacy of your skincare
routine. By utilising technologies like micro-currents, ultrasound and LED light they
can improve skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles permanent hair removal, increase elasticity and help
your skincare products penetrate deep into the layers of the dermis, where they can
work their hardest. They can also be a great way to treat your favourite problem
areas, like crow’s feet, dark circles or acne.

31 best at-home skincare devices and tools to invest in for all budgets –  Daily Vanity Singapore
The beauty device industry is booming, with brands offering a variety of innovative
gadgets to address all manner of skincare concerns and hair styling needs. From
cleansing brushes to hair dryers hair removal, these beauties are designed to streamline our
beauty and grooming routine, giving us professional-level results in the comfort of
our own homes.

But not all beauty tech is created equal and it’s important to recognise that most at-
home devices are unlikely to match the results of an in-clinic treatment. That’s not to

say that they can’t deliver, but if you go into your beauty device purchase with
realistic expectations it is more likely that you will be happy with the outcome.
A major drawback of at-home beauty devices is that they can cause damage to the
skin if not used correctly. Most often, this is the result of misuse or a failure to read
instructions, but it can also be the result of ill-advised attempts to quicken the
appearance of results or to treat a condition for which the device is not intended.

However, this can be avoided if you always take the time to read and follow the how-
to guides, wear any associated eye protection and acknowledge the maintenance

instructions provided.

The Benefits of Using a Home Beauty Device - Consulado-Peru-Tokio
Thankfully, there are a number of safe and effective beauty devices available on the
market that are designed to minimise these risks and offer an all-round safer and
more enjoyable experience for consumers. Some of our favourites include the Foreo
Clarisonic, which uses T-Sonic pulses with Thermo-Tech to thoroughly cleanse and
leave the face feeling fresh and radiant. This beauty gadget is also the perfect
companion for a facial mask, as it helps to maximise absorption.
Another favourite is the coveted TikTok-famous four-in-one wand from NuFace,
which offers red light therapy to soften fine lines, microcurrents to firm and lift, LED
light to promote glowing skin and low vibration facial massage to decrease
Finally, we love this gorgeous gua sha from Basecamp Beauty, which is handcrafted
from Tiger’s Eye gemstone and works to sculpt and tone the face with daily use. It’s
also great for treating puffiness, dark circles and reducing inflammation while
increasing the absorption of your favourite face oils.
But perhaps the most impressive of all is LYMA, which is an at-home laser that offers
comparable results to those found in dermatology offices and medspas. It’s painless,
safe for all skin tones and has been clinically proven to reduce fine lines, smooth the
complexion and boost elasticity with consistent use.

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